Avaya 1600 Serisi 32 Button Modul

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Avaya 1600 Serisi 32 Button Modul

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Avaya 1600 Serisi 32 Button Modul​

The BM32Button Module extends the number of feature buttons on your Avaya 1616 Telephone. It provides 32 additional buttons all with dual LEDs (red, green) for easy visibility.

Up to 3 BM32 button modules can be connected to a 1616 phone. The total number of DBM32/BM32 button modules supported on one Office system is 32, subject to the total system limits.

Typical uses are:

  • to provide additional lines for calls bridged from one or more other extensions
  • to provide abbreviated dialing buttons
  • to provide buttons to access additional switch features like call forwarding

Please note that a external power supply is needed when connecting more than one BM32 connected to a 1616 Telephone.